Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Concrete?

Who ever heard of such a thing. Well I've discussed in an earlier post how some of our additives have made our products greener. Here's another aspect of our work that has reduced our carbon print. All of our three dimensional pieces are hollow. What appears to be a coffee table that if solid would use hundreds of pounds of concrete is hollow inside. Our glass fiber reinforced concrete is extremely strong and has enabled us to create hollow tables and seats that have walls that are approximately 3/4" thick! The result is a table that looks solid, sculptural, heavy, and aesthetically pleasing yet reduces the amount of concrete used by 90%. This creates less of a carbon footprint and a much greener product plus the added benefit of being 90% lighter and less expensive to ship.

Our goal is to be as green as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the work or design quality.

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Ceridwen said...

Very clever! I had wondered how heavy your beautiful tables were - now I know they're not as heavy as they appear!