Saturday, January 30, 2010

Evolution of a Holmes Wilson Table

Hello out there to those who might stumble upon our Blog.

Our tables have evolved over a period of 15 years but Pamela and I have actually worked together for 30.

The first tables we made were a result of art school(both received our MFA's from Otis Art Institute) and the approach we used in creating sculpture. Thus the very organic and monolithic look of many of our early tables. These early pieces involved carving with chainsaws and disc sanders plus cast concrete to create very unique one of a kind tables that were very sculptural and influenced by nature and the found wood that we sought out. Most were made from reclaimed, storm fallen, or logging rejects that would have normally been destined to rot or cut up for fire wood. They were not reject pieces of wood and had a lot of character and uniqueness to them. Here are some examples of some of our early tables from 1994 - 1998.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holmes Wilson sculptural tables are back!

We're heading back to our roots literally. Our style has evolved out of a sculptural style viewed from the eyes of two sculptors. As styles encourage refined work that is of hard edge the organic forms are a nice relief from the anal approach modern furniture pursued. We've always had a handmade edge to our work and an affinity with nature.

I use reclaimed redwood, cypress, and some hardwoods to sculpt the bases using chainsaws and sanders. Here are some tables we created recently.