Saturday, March 07, 2009

Future Products of Holmes Wilson Tables

Pamela and I have been creating our one of a kind tables for over 14 years now and collaborating for 30 years.
We constantly strive to improve our products. Not only are we focused in on the integrity of them but also the green aspects.

We're currently in the process of developing a green concrete product. We're developing a new concrete product that will be 100% green. This new product will include Magnesium which was used prior to the development of cement in the same way. It is the ninth most abundant element on the planet. As we research and develop it I will keep you up to speed as to when these products will be available.

Another product we plan to start selling is our own wax sealer. In the past we have recommended any clear paste wax to maintain our tables but we've always used our own wax recipe for the final sealer. Most wax products contain toxic solvents that off-gas and can be highly irritating particularly when used indoors. Our wax will contain no petroleum distillates and will be totally non toxic. This wax will be available direct from us at

Track this blog for updates about these new products!

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Ceridwen said...

Hi Brad and Pamela! I love that you're trying new non harmful sealers. I'm very sensitive to just about anything that off-gases. I love all your work - keep it up!

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